The Music Joint Entertainment Group

A new multi-faceted company formed by industry veterans Elena Rodrigo and Othn Zapata, that specializes in expanding the reach of various Latinmusic genres in U.S.A. with partners in the rest of the Continent.  The company focuses on integrating and providing services to the multiple demands the Latin artists and the U.S. Hispanic market has to keep growing and expanding into the general market.



Artist Development Strategies

Each development campaign is designed according to the artist profile, promoting the music through Alternative radio (college/online, non-profit and satellite radio), national, regional, local and alternative media (blogs, podcasts, web video outlets, websites and social media influencers) and consultation. We also provide guidance to the artist/manager of the alternatives in this country to self-release and distribute a new album and contact them with talent buyers or help them book the artist in specific areas. Introduce them with music industry key players and help them to better understand the Latin and bilingual hispanic market in the US. In short, we can set up a full campaign that will help you to develop the artist career.


Media Relations

Whether you require a full-service national or regional media campaign to promote a new album, a US Tour or create awareness of a new award(s) nomination (s) to spread the word and walk the Red Carpet / Media Room), your special appearance at the SXSW or any other relevant event, we can design a realistic customized package of services to meet your needs and your budget.


National Tours

Our solid media relationships in most major tour markets for Latin artists can build a buzz to sell tickets. We work with the promoter, the venue and/or directly with the artist to make each show a success by garnering the most advance press and secure live show reviews to help build press quotes and promote tickets sale. We also help to set up promotions for tickets give away with local media to maximize publicity efforts.

Consulting Services

Your choices for music distribution, Sound Exchange, how to maximize your budget for a National tour and link you with the right contacts for your needs, help with the US work Visas process, connect with local and National promoters, LARAS & NARAS submissions, ETC.


College & Online Radio Service

Most of the Latin alternative, hip hop or new world music is not played in commercial radio because it doesn’t fit the station format. There is not a single commercial radio station that is dedicated to Latin alternative, Spanish rock or hip hop in the US. Fortunately, commercial radios are not the only alternative to promote music on radio. Hundreds of college, online and non-commercial stations are a free format and open to this genre, focusing in the entire album and not only in a single song. Radio campaigns help broaden a national fan base through each station’s listeners and activity within their local and online communities and it is an essential part for every development career or promotion of an album for every established artist for this genre. We serviced the album, do radio tracking, set up on-air interviews and special promotions and we make sure the album enter the charts.


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